Logic has no imagination "Failing isn't the end of the world. Quitting is."
- moi?

"At the end of this, no one will remember what you said. But people will remember what you do."
- Arthur Smith, C.E.O. of GS1 Canada

"i want what all men want. i just want it more."
- Kobe Bryant

"Heart is what separates the good from the great"
- Michael Jordan

only the struggle makes it worth it...
only the pain makes it sweet...
and only victory is the answer"

- Nike

"When that blood gets riled up, you're still going to see some of what they say is immaturity."

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove."
-Denzel Washington in Training Day
Kanye West - I Wonder
Find your dreams come true
And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means

And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means
And I wonder if you know
What it means to find your dreams

I've been waiting on this my whole life
These dreams be waking me up at night
You say I think I'm never wrong
You know what, maybe you're right, aight


You say he get on your fucking nerves
You hope that he get what he deserves, word
Do you even remember what the issue is
You just trying to find where the tissue is
You can still be who you wish you is
It ain't happen yet
And that's what the intuition is
When you hop back in the car
Drive back to the crib
Run back to their arms
The smokescreens
The chokes and the screams
You ever wonder what it all really mean


And I'm back on my grind
A psychic read my lifeline
Told me in my lifetime
My name would help light up the Chicago skyline
And that's what I'm
Seven o'clock, that's primetime
Heaven'll watch, God calling from the hot lines
Why he keep giving me hot lines
I'm a star, how could I not shine
How many ladies in the house
How many ladies in the house without a spouse
Something in your blouse got me feeling so aroused
What you about
On that independent shit
Trade it all for a husband and some kids
You ever wonder what it all really mean
You ever wonder if you'll find your dreams
Monday, February 28, 2011

i am in the mood for a fight
with all the weight i've lost the past week, im a light
-weight, but wait, i still outweigh this midget by some thirty
pounds, plus i'll hound him, i play dirty
i wanna knock his teeth out
maybe an uppercut, he wont know what this is all about
i've been told i just have to change my attitude
i cant be bitter, i gotta make the best of it, and show some gratitude
that im not in that situation anymore and make em regret it and show how happy i am
but im not, well, some days im not, i just wanna bodyslam
the guy to smitherines
effin rip the guy up like a wolverine


i just feel like a caged animal in the wild. everyone is out and about. and im trapped


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Monday, February 21, 2011

happy to be alive
but im finding it difficult to jive
in this place cause i feel like crap
never eating or drinking anything made in china again, only jap

seriously. i've been sick for so long now. FRIG.

heal me


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

a man who cares about his image must care about how others think

a man who doesnt care about what others think, cannot care about his image

i know a stubborn man who cares about his image and doesnt care about what others thinks

he has failed at both

and pissed many ppl off in the process


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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

so many downs the past few days
so much anger and a lot of craze
it left me dazed and amazed
i thought it'd be better if i got tased
i hate face, i hate obsession with money, i hate everything chinese
the kindness, the ppl, it's all just a tease

so many things i wanted to tell you in the moment
but it's just like us, it was only a moment
we are never able to gain steam and any moment-
-um, all our interactions just become torment
i wanted to share all my feelings and experiences cause i felt you could relate
and care cause i know the same things that irk me are the same things that make you irate
cause me and you, we aint so different
we're one and the same, there's no if or was, you should be my current

i know you read this, and yes, im talking about you
you're in my head, i've got way too much to chew
on, cause im crazy like that
im everything i told you i didnt like about you from our chat
it was just projection
not rejection
but you read it wrong
you should be here with me in hong kong


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Thursday, February 03, 2011

i can never travel with these ppl again
i'd rather put my brains out on the bowling lane
and let it get run over by 12 pound bowling balls
everytime they talk to me, i wanna slam my head through a thousand walls
of concrete and maybe it'll all just fade away
all this ridiculousness will be kept at bay
hopefully causeway bay cause i love this place
i can spend forever in hk and disappear without a trace


posted by jonathan at 12:22 p.m. ||

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