Logic has no imagination "Failing isn't the end of the world. Quitting is."
- moi?

"At the end of this, no one will remember what you said. But people will remember what you do."
- Arthur Smith, C.E.O. of GS1 Canada

"i want what all men want. i just want it more."
- Kobe Bryant

"Heart is what separates the good from the great"
- Michael Jordan

only the struggle makes it worth it...
only the pain makes it sweet...
and only victory is the answer"

- Nike

"When that blood gets riled up, you're still going to see some of what they say is immaturity."

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove."
-Denzel Washington in Training Day
Kanye West - I Wonder
Find your dreams come true
And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means

And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means
And I wonder if you know
What it means to find your dreams

I've been waiting on this my whole life
These dreams be waking me up at night
You say I think I'm never wrong
You know what, maybe you're right, aight


You say he get on your fucking nerves
You hope that he get what he deserves, word
Do you even remember what the issue is
You just trying to find where the tissue is
You can still be who you wish you is
It ain't happen yet
And that's what the intuition is
When you hop back in the car
Drive back to the crib
Run back to their arms
The smokescreens
The chokes and the screams
You ever wonder what it all really mean


And I'm back on my grind
A psychic read my lifeline
Told me in my lifetime
My name would help light up the Chicago skyline
And that's what I'm
Seven o'clock, that's primetime
Heaven'll watch, God calling from the hot lines
Why he keep giving me hot lines
I'm a star, how could I not shine
How many ladies in the house
How many ladies in the house without a spouse
Something in your blouse got me feeling so aroused
What you about
On that independent shit
Trade it all for a husband and some kids
You ever wonder what it all really mean
You ever wonder if you'll find your dreams
Monday, September 29, 2008

ninjas are so ugly


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

im coughing a lot again...

makes no sense..

i dont feel sick?

i wonder if it's asthma i have =(

read that colds/flus are sometimes misdiagnosed.. .and that it's really asthma... read it in men's health...


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


fags will act like fags just like rodney harrison is here.. ricky rules, everyone needs to remember this


new killers are out... it sounds.. repetitive... i dunno.. i hope the rest of the cd is much better than 'human'....

are we human or are we denser...?


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ppl will feed themselves lies if it makes them feel better

some ppl just want to act a fool

if it means happiness

ignorance is bliss

some ppl want to accuse others of changing when it's them who has changed

emotion wins you nothing in life


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i want to be a chessmaster, haha


i still hate brett favre


im excited to do nothing sometimes.. it's a weird feeling...

i wonder what it's like to be back in school...


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

im much nicer on the court than off the court...

how weird


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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

im too tired/lazy these days to get up at 6ish to go to the gym...

i dont go to the gym and i dont run... so out of shape...

i also need new running shoes.. but im too lazy to go to running room...

i screw myself over too much


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i HATE the new facebook interface

why do all websites feel the need to 'spicen' up

whats with the fancy -soup du jour- scroll down menus when you hover over the link?

more is not better. what the hell is wrong with ppl these days??

websites with all the stupid flash are NOT cool

gimme the simple html... what happened to simplicity??

giving more and more of the new 'flashy' stuff doesnt show complexity.. it shows stupidity... just wanting to show off the new bling... it's like a basketball player who just dribbles between their legs and doing all these and1 moves... but they arent able to help score a basket at all.. while they're dribbling, the shot clock is winding down and then they lose possession or get their pocket picked...

i hate style over substance... style masks nothing...


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Monday, September 15, 2008

ppl who dont pass the ball always make me laugh.. or only keep it within their circle... and im not even talking about during a game.. im talking about just taking practice shots or just fooling around... these ball hogs are so insecure it's funny...

i dont understand how anyone deals with these ppl, nevermind go out with them....

and THAT is the #1 reason why girls are crazy/illogical/irrational

they always pick the morons



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ooo.. i forgot how much fun mahjong is....

played 2 rounds today... a few hours worth...

good way to pass time


im not a fob


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

insanely frustrated...

serenity now...


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

everytime i listen to chinese music from the 90s, i feel young and old at the same time...

thats one of the weirdest feelings.. it's like i dont exist in the present..


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008



i love these comics. though i know nothing about them...

maybe wikipedia can enlighten me...

of course, wikipedia takes up my time... 40mins has passed between the last line and this one...


i, of course, found this website as well through it:


cant believe i havent come across it before.. really cool music


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Monday, September 08, 2008

how dare they attack oasis?!?!?!?!?!?

good thing they're oasis and they rule...

i wish i was there to watch...




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Sunday, September 07, 2008

this song gives hope i think.. not just for beating cancer...

The heart is stronger than you think
It's like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can't it finds a way to still push on, though

Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look intoyour heart the beat goes on

I'm tellin' you that
Things get better
Through whatever
If you fall, dust it off, don't let up

Don't you know you can go be your own miracle
You need to know

If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up
Who are we to be questioning, wondering what is what
Don't give up
Through it all, just stand up

It's like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face
Just because you go through it
Don't mean it got to take control, no
You ain't gotta find no hiding place
Because the heart can beat the hate
Don't wanna let your mind keep playin' you
And sayin' you can't go on
I'm tellin' you that

Things get better
Through whatever

If you fall
Dust if off, don't let up

Don't you know you can go
Be your own miracle

You need to know


You don't gotta be a prisoner in your mind
If you fall, dust it off
You can live your life
Let your heart be your guide

And you will know that you're good if you trust in the good
Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart

And it will get better
Through whatever


You got it in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
Find it within you, find it within
Through it all, just stand up


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Saturday, September 06, 2008

a vince carter article...


im currently seeing a friend go through exactly what i went through 1.5 years ago...

it's heartbreaking to watch his anger.. his sadness...

i feel like im watching myself sometimes...

"why do we fall bruce?"

"so we can learn to pick ourselves back up"

man, i should watch dark knight again


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now that school has started for many ppl again, i've noticed that im not in university anymore... not that i didnt know before.. i dont even.. care as much i guess.. i dont miss studying... i dont miss assignments.. i dont miss writing tests and exams... class, shrug... im indifferent to it...

i do miss hanging out with friends/housemates whenever i want.. watching tv together, playing games, just random chatting.. i miss having a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a workout gym at my disposal almost 24/7.. i guess i'll have to wait for my mansion with the rich wife for that..

the thing with school.. the assignments and tests gave me a sense of purpose.. something to work towards.. the deadlines helped me spend my days better.. with more purpose.. when i slack and do nothing with a deadline looming and im tired with no energy from a day of classes, the slacking feels SO good.. if i do nothing for 10mins, it'll feel like i did nothing for an hour... that kinda effect..

now, there's no school.. just work.. when i slack like this on a saturday, the slacking achieves nothing.. slacking used to achieve something... now it doesnt... how sad

living life with no purpose is scary. need to find a purpose


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Friday, September 05, 2008

effin djokovic


"That's not nice, anyhow, to say in front of this crowd that I have 16 injuries and that I'm faking," Djokovic said during a postmatch interview that drew boos from the spectators in Arthur Ashe Stadium.
"They're already against me, because they think I'm faking everything."

thats cause you ARE faking everything novak

"I figure if you're going to joke and imitate other people and do the whole deal, then you should take it. Listen, if someone makes fun of me I'm most likely going to laugh," Roddick said. "I'm sorry he took it that way. ... I don't think I was over the line. It wasn't my intention, and, you know, I'm sorry he felt that way. Maybe I did him a favor tonight."

game, set, match: roddick. everywhere but on the court, sigh

djokovic's green was ugly by the way. no taste


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Thursday, September 04, 2008

wow, i hate novak djokovic

everytime i see this faggot play, i want to punch him out

he tries to play this 'me against the world' mentality and then when it happens, he gets angry. what the hell?

what a lame ass faggot

faking injuries and then pointing to his heart like he has heart. gimme a break. there's a reason no one likes you. well, other than ppl with no taste

dont try to play a good guy then act like a faggot.


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i just watched 2 episodes of the OC

i think watching it is bad for my psychological health. i mean.. how am i supposed to comprehend the STUPIDITY and RETARDEDNESS of girls? julie cooper, what the hell. most retarded and illogical person ever. marisa? yes, i have problems so let's OD

girls = worst gender ever

i think mischa barton was a lot less skinnier in the first season.. ya, i think it was a first season episode?

and the 30 year old in high school.. whats his face... ryan... skips out on an entrance exam because of marisa? wrong priorities my friend... you're gonna lose her to volchok anyway, haha... man, that ryan's got issues.. always fighting everyone...

welcome to the oc


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good thing about being sick: being able to watch the us open.. federer this afternoon

bad thing about being sick: pondering about things. everything seems cyclical. guess i didnt really solve it. or im just messed


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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i've always wondered...

am i volchok... or was the other guy volchok?


and just cause the other guy is volchok, doesnt mean that im ryan.... cause... i dont wanna be a 30 year old in high school, HAHAHA


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Monday, September 01, 2008


kerri walshhhhhhhhh



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i KNEW ppl went through passwords...


sore throat
coughing like a chain smoker
minor pink eye
minor fever

man.. what is this that's going around? im not the only one with it!!

do i need a flu shot?

what a way to end summer... i feel half dead


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