Logic has no imagination "Failing isn't the end of the world. Quitting is."
- moi?

"At the end of this, no one will remember what you said. But people will remember what you do."
- Arthur Smith, C.E.O. of GS1 Canada

"i want what all men want. i just want it more."
- Kobe Bryant

"Heart is what separates the good from the great"
- Michael Jordan

only the struggle makes it worth it...
only the pain makes it sweet...
and only victory is the answer"

- Nike

"When that blood gets riled up, you're still going to see some of what they say is immaturity."

"It's not what you know. It's what you can prove."
-Denzel Washington in Training Day
Kanye West - I Wonder
Find your dreams come true
And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means

And I wonder if you know
What it means, what it means
And I wonder if you know
What it means to find your dreams

I've been waiting on this my whole life
These dreams be waking me up at night
You say I think I'm never wrong
You know what, maybe you're right, aight


You say he get on your fucking nerves
You hope that he get what he deserves, word
Do you even remember what the issue is
You just trying to find where the tissue is
You can still be who you wish you is
It ain't happen yet
And that's what the intuition is
When you hop back in the car
Drive back to the crib
Run back to their arms
The smokescreens
The chokes and the screams
You ever wonder what it all really mean


And I'm back on my grind
A psychic read my lifeline
Told me in my lifetime
My name would help light up the Chicago skyline
And that's what I'm
Seven o'clock, that's primetime
Heaven'll watch, God calling from the hot lines
Why he keep giving me hot lines
I'm a star, how could I not shine
How many ladies in the house
How many ladies in the house without a spouse
Something in your blouse got me feeling so aroused
What you about
On that independent shit
Trade it all for a husband and some kids
You ever wonder what it all really mean
You ever wonder if you'll find your dreams
Sunday, October 31, 2010

probably one of the few songs that can make me cry


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keep writing the same things over and over

but really

life is all about timing.
not sure how this runs with God..
it's all planned by God?


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Friday, October 29, 2010

if orlando wants to win games, they need to never play chris duhon

and vince needs to work on his post moves


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i think the most logical answer is that im just a little bit crazy myself


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Monday, October 25, 2010

and life is like a merry go round. here we go now. doe-see-doe now. the curtain's up, the show must go on now


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Friday, October 22, 2010

what do ppl do on fridays??


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my gut is crazy good

but i dont like being right sometimes...


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

so sick...

oh, i mean me physically...

what'd you think?


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i dont mind stupid ppl...

it's the stupid ppl who think they're smart and act like they're smart who annoy me

same thing with selfish ppl who think they're not selfish...




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Friday, October 08, 2010

i try to hide it so that no one knows

but i guess it shows

when you look into my eyes


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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

had a long chat with the 'client' today...

he was married to his wife for 30 years and then he just left her. they were growing apart according to him and it was tough to leave. but better to leave and be happy, then be miserable forever.. though he does wonder whether he should've stuck it out.... and this was 20 years ago...

he warned her during the marriage that he did not like what was happening and would leave the minute their youngest child graduated from university if things didnt change for the better... she didnt believe him... funny thing is, they never argued... just... became different... and the day after the child graduated, he left. he had things prearranged...

he VOLUNTARILY gave her BOTH houses and everything else, other than his own business....

they have not talked in 20 years... wow..... she refuses to see/talk to him...

so this is a case of the man, loving his wife, but being miserable, deciding to leave.. but leaves everything with her because he cares for her, and still cares for her... wow... what a big man... i dont know if i'd have the guts to leave after 30 years... his reasoning to giving her everything, is that the wife should be accustomed to what they were living to.... that she was a good mother, so why not give her what she deserves.... interesting line of thinking... definitely different than "modern" thinking

the wife, i mean ex-wife, has not remarried in the 20 years and is well off after selling both houses... though she appears to be bitter, from the story that was told, towards him... i guess i understand the wife as well.... to have someone just leave you after 30 years... whether there was warning or not, must be tough to accept and adapt to....

is this true/real love?

love does not mean you have to be together... right?


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i love 81 and 82, hahaha


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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

dwight: ok, i gave her the ultimatum, she chose andy. now what?

phyllis: she made her choice. now you have to let her go

dwight: ok, i let her go. how do i win her back?



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looking back at pics, everybody was either bigger or smaller... more stylish, or less stylish...

except me... i havent changed aesthetically....

and that is






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